JCPenney Opens Up The First Facebook Store

JCPenney just snagged the “anchor store” spot on Facebook, becoming the first retailer to let shoppers purchase crap directly from their Facebook page application through a fully integrated e-commerce platform.

This could potentially be a big trend with other stores jumping on board. The treasure trove of personal information you post on Facebook is a bonanza for marketers who want to target you and your friends.

How else would they know I was in the market for lace-up peep-toe booties? Oh my god, it’s like Big Brother is my personal shopping assistant!


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  1. CreativeLinks says:

    Awesome, another easy way to ignore JC Penny.

  2. Wombatish says:

    So now when they mix up your personal info, you can spam someone else’s wall?

  3. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    i can see this leading to a Tractor Supply store selling virtual feed for your Farmville animals…

  4. Power Imbalance says:

    Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?

  5. Holybalheadedchrist! says:

    Man #1: Your jacket! She burns!

    Man #2: Then I burn with her. For I would rather die, than have people not know what stores I have been to.

  6. mandarynn says:

    JC Penny is for Old People.

  7. aloria says:

    Great, another way for facebook to manhandle people’s information!

  8. Whtthfgg says:
    • Whtthfgg says:

      well, I guess this is the first one running off what seems to be the facebook platform

      Pampers was there first with an Amazon integrated store on Facebook

  9. cecilsaxon says:

    To heck with this. FaceBook can’t even control spammers- who in their right mind would complete transactions here? Not to mention the Gordian knot of profile settings.

  10. humphrmi says:

    Nope. Not going to visit it.

  11. MTFaye says:

    Thats scary. With as bad as security is on Facebook with personal info, throwing my credit card numbers around to buy items there is the LAST THING I would want to do.

  12. Noadi says:

    BTW… not even close to first. Payvment has been around for small sellers on facebook for a few months. There have been apps for Etsy, Zazzle, Ebay, etc. for quite some time, those all take you to the original site’s shopping cart however. JC Penney is just the first big retailer to take advantage,

  13. Ayanami says:

    I’ve already warned the family not to let their CC info anywhere near fb. Hopefully they listen.

  14. Blueskylaw says:

    I thought Facebook was created to help people keep up with what their friends were doing, but it seems that it was solely created for marketers to try to sell you Worthington Lace Up Peep Toe Booties.

    • gman863 says:

      …not to mention it will immediately show up on your Facebook page as Blueskylaw just purchased Worthington Lace Up Peep Toe Booties at JC Penny.

  15. framitz says:

    I never did like Penny’s line of clothing.
    Since I don’t do facebook it doesn’t matter to me anyway.

  16. CountryJustice says:

    I make my own JC Penney’s Facebook stores at home.

  17. menty666 says:

    One of my other glass making friends has had a store via facebook for months now, he was one of the beta testers.

    But hey, if JC Penny wants to think they were first (or still relevant) good for them. *pat pat*

  18. dwb says:

    The woman in the red jacket seems to be saying “OMG this is sooo embarrassing.”

  19. zentex says:

    Gamestop opened thier FB shop today…

  20. nocturnaljames says:

    It’s the beginning of the end…

  21. TasteyCat says:

    Sadly, people will be stupid enough to shop there.

  22. stevied says:

    lace-up, peep-toe booties.

    Yo, Ben, are you trying to say something about your after-hours activities?

  23. shangyle says:

    And their true purpose is revealed. Evil geniuses.

  24. SuperSnackTime says:

    You dog, I heard you like Internet, so I put Internet on your Internet…

  25. Nick says:

    “crap” being the operative word.

  26. JulesNoctambule says:

    I’d actually be all over this, since I’ve had people ask to buy things before when I’ve posted pictures of my work. If they could just straight-up buy it, it would be pretty convenient.

  27. ElizabethD says:

    I wish their clothes weren’t such total crap. Every once in a while I succumb to the cheap thrill of ordering a sweater or a pair of pants from them online. And I’m always, always disappointed. Always return everything. How are they still in existence?

  28. gman863 says:

    Reading this makes me think of the movie Airplane! with a PC in place of the early edition newspaper:

    Lloyd Bridges: “Plane bound to crash!”

    Robert Stack: “Passengers doomed!”

    Johnny: “There’s a SALE at Penny’s!”

  29. cymph says:

    Poor Best Buy just had their big, fancy retail revolution Super Bowl announcement foiled by a C grade model in tapered leg Arizona jeans.

  30. ZeshawnWhiles says:

    This almost strikes me as the online experience coming full circle – back to the days of AOL. A one-stop place to chat with friends, discussion groups, buy things from stores, just instead of going to keyword “jcpenney” on AOL, we type it in the search bar.

  31. JMH says:

    I fail to see why I would want this, even if I were to completely ignore the security/privacy issues.