Man Rigs UPS Package With Car Alarm In Attempt To Catch Thief

After receiving a box full of sheets and soda cans instead of a laptop, a man in California became convinced that someone at UPS had opened and stolen his computer. So he took matters into his own hands in an attempt to catch a thief in the act.

The man rigged an empty box with a microphone and a car alarm that was set to only go off if the box was opened. He took it to his local UPS and 10 minutes after dropping it off, he says the alarm was tripped when someone opened the box. He also claims that microphone picked up the sound of the package being opened.

“Had they not opened the box I would assume it wasn’t them but they opened it and they’re not supposed to, ” the man told reporters.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Department looked into the man’s claim but say it’s possible that the alarm was somehow set off before the box was opened and that it was only opened because the package was making so much noice.

The owner of the UPS store in question says he’s willing to meet with the peeved customer: “It was strange what he did but I’d like to hear his story.”

Auburn UPS customer devises plan to catch suspicious employees []
Thanks to Camille for the tip!