How To Move Mystery Songs From Your Brain To Your MP3 Player

Back in the Stone Age, it used to be the job of radio DJs and Sam Goody employees to translate your pathetic humming and insipid descriptions of songs you like into genuine song titles, as well as the tunes’ artists and albums.

Technology has teamed with capitalism to make it easy to discover the songs that drive you crazy by playing on repeat in your brain. Digital Inspiration runs down cheap and free methods to track down your lost tunes:

*Mobile apps on cell phones – Download Shazam, which will listen to a few seconds of a song on the radio, identify it and show you a prompt to buy it.

*Search engines – If you know a few words of the lyrics, you can type them in on a computer and find the song within seconds.

*HummingMidomi doesn’t even need the genuine article or any lyrics to track down songs. Just hum part of the song and the site will pull up suggestions of possible matches.

What’s your favorite way to unmask mystery music?
Find the Song Name Without Knowing the Lyrics [Digital Inspiration]

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