State Farm Uses Mutilated Monkeys To Sell Insurance To College Kids

State Farm didn’t win too many people over with its Worst Ad In America-nominated spokesman, so now the company is trying a very different approach by courting college students with mutilated monkey keychains.

As part of its guerrilla marketing campaign to reach the youngsters, State Farm is handing out the pictured keychains to students on college campuses.

The blood-red monkey appears to be a little worse for wear after some sort of accident, sporting a nearly full-body cast, bandages and missing teeth.

Opines blogger Scott Kremer on toy blog Tomopop:

I’m no marketing expert… but I’m not sure if this little guy is who you want representing your corporation, especially when your product is essentially (government-mandated) peace of mind. And honestly, how many college kids are going to be swayed by a maimed, bandaged monkey to switch to a new insurance company?

The guerilla campaign also has people going around slapping stickers on windshields that make it look like your car has been in an accident. They then put a note under the windshield wiper with contact info for the local State Farm agent.

It’s been a while since I was in college but I seem to remember most of my fellow students’ insurance being paid by their parents. So wouldn’t State Farm be better off handing out bloody monkeys to the ‘rents on move-in day?

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