Beware These 7 Holiday Ripoffs

Before you finish your holiday shopping, you may want to take a look at this list compiled by Forbes of 7 popular items that get marked up way too much. Among the worst: greeting cards, which have a markup of up to 200% above cost.

The overpriced items on the list aren’t exclusively holiday goods, but they include some of the more popular gift items, such as jewelry and designer clothes. And then there’s this one:

Are you buying that teacher, co-worker or friend a coffee shop gift card for Christmas? You may want to think again: the markup on coffee is an average 300%, making that gift card a bad value for the money. Instead of resorting to the old standby gift card, think of giving that coffee lover a bag of gourmet coffee and a mug, a far more personal gift at a lower cost and better value.

Forbes suggests that you treat Christmas as “a great time to take a stand as a consumer, and refuse to pay for these overpriced items. What to give instead? You could always go for cash, along with a Consumerist Anti-Gift Card.

7 Holiday Items With The Biggest Markups [Forbes]

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