Facebook To Student: That'll Be $300 For Nothing

Max says he used Facebook Ads to direct traffic to his computer repair service, and is baffled that the Zuckerberg Death Star is charging him nearly $300 despite receiving only eight weekly page views during the ad campaign — down from his usual 10 weekly hits. A $50 credit helped defray the costs, but he’s still stuck with a $245.17 bill.

He writes:

Many sites online accuse Facebook Ads of various bad practices and I don’t want to assume bad faith as they do but I haven’t had a single new call as a result of their ads and I don’t believe that they ran the campaign as they said they did. I always ask each new client how they came to me, it’s been all references from pre-existing clients for over two years now when I stopped hanging flyers. Not a single new client since 11/13 has asked about or responded to the offer I had for a substantial credit towards my services. I have tried contacting Facebook but there is no contact info on their site and they have ignored several submissions on web form. What can I do? I’m a graduate student doing this on the side to support myself and so it should go without saying that the money is a significant sum for me.

If you’ve dealt with Facebook Ads, tell us about your experiences, and please share any advice you have for Max.

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