Walmart: No More Extra Pay For Working Sundays

Mom-and-pop megachain Walmart currently pays its staffers $1 extra per hour when they work on a Sunday. But it looks like that policy is about to come to an end for some staffers as the store cuts costs.

According to Bloomberg, anyone hired after Jan. 1 will no longer be eligible to earn the extra buck for Sunday service. The current staff of around 1.4 million employees will still be able to earn the extra dollar, but how long do you think it will be until those grandfathered employees are no longer on the schedule for Sunday?

“It’s sad — people who work on Sunday need that extra dollar,” one Walmart employee tells Bloomberg.

Good news for workers at the 59 Walmarts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island: Your extra cash for working Sundays won’t be taken away because it’s mandated by employment laws which require Walmart to pay staffers 1.5 times the hourly rate for working on Sunday.

Wal-Mart Plans to End Extra Pay in U.S. for Sunday Shifts [Bloomberg]

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