Woman Saves Prime Black Friday Parking Space By Sitting In It

Last week one woman took staking out an early Black Friday claim even further by sitting down in a prime parking space right at the front sidewalk.

Apparently, she had gotten out of her car to look for a space on foot while her partner drove around looking for another one.

“”She said, ‘I drove three hours and I’m not leaving,'” she reportedly said.

Other cars attempted to park in the space but she refused to move until a mall security guard told her to get going.

This is a rather silly length to go to save a spot. You could get hit. Not to mention, why not just stand up with your arms crossed so cars can see you. With some of those SUVs a person squatting on the ground might as well be a pebble.

But be honest, have you ever fantasized about saving a parking space with your body?

The battle for holiday parking spots [Access Atlanta] (Thanks to Alanna!)