Verizon's New 4G LTE Network Hits 21 Mbps In PC Mag Test

A PC Mag reporter tested out Verizons’ new 4G LTE Network and maxed out at 21 Mbps in his home test. Of course, no one else is on the network right now, which hits streets December 5th, but that’s a pretty sweet rate for shoveling data through the air (in America at least). Verizon is also keeping your monthly cap pretty darn low, and expensive.

It’s $80 a month for 10GB, and additional $10 for every additional gig. The reporter, using a modem and gear supplied to him by Verizon, was able to burn through his allotment within 32 minutes. Yes, with network speeds this blazing, they’ll be able to charge you overage fees within milliseconds!.

Of course, those speeds were pre-commercial rollout. VZW has said that the real-world rate will be only be 5-12 Mbps down, 2-5 Mbps up.

The service, targeted at business people, also requires getting a new modem, $99 with two-year agreement or $249 for a month-to-month plan.

Clearly Verizon doesn’t want people replacing their home connection with LTE, and people who want to stream a bunch of movies on the go need not apply, or better pay up.

Verizon has said that customers will get text-messages when they hit 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of their bandwidth cap.

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