Time To Make An Offer They Can't Refuse On ''Godfather' House

Forget that Amityville Horror house they were selling out on Long Island. If you want to really live out scenes from a 1970s hit movie, there’s a much cooler (and less creepy) house up for sale — the Corleone estate from The Godfather.

The 8-bedroom, 4.5-bath house on Staten Island was the location for many of the Oscar-winning film’s key scenes, including the opening wedding sequence.

Now the family that has owned the house for 50 years is deciding to sell the piece of film history (which also happens to be a pretty cool house). But before you get out your checkbook, you should know the asking price is a cool $2.9 million.

But maybe if you know a guy who knows a guy you can talk them into accepting a lower, cash offer.

The Corleone Family’s Mansion Is On The Market! [Gothamist]

Property listing [Connie Profaci Realty]

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