Not Everything At Starbucks Is Full Of Calories

While Starbucks apparently sells something called “coffee,” which has virtually no calories on its own, most customers choose to go for beverages that pile on chocolate and caramel and other calorie-tastic add-ons. Oh — and let’s not forget the muffin or danish they get to go along with their caffeinated sugar bomb.

Over at, they’ve done a round up of a dozen drinks and foodstuffs you can buy at Starbucks and stay under the 250 calorie line.

Among the items on their list:
* Birthday Cake Mini Doughnut (130 calories and six grams of fat)
* Petite Vanilla Bean Scone (140 calories and five grams of fat)
* Grande Tazo Awake Brewed Tea (0 calories)
* Grande Caramel Macchiato (190 calories and one gram of fat)

See the whole list at [via StarbucksGossip]

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