Unions Tell Pilots To Just Say No To Full-Body Scanners

Only weeks after an ExpressJet pilot refused to submit to either a full-body scan or a pat-down, unions representing the pilots at U.S. Airways and American Airlines have advised their members to not submit to the revealing scans.

The over 14,000 members of the two unions have been advised to opt for a pat-down, rather than step through the scanners, which the unions say are “intrusive.”

However, this is also a problem as some pilots are complaining about the recent updates to the TSA pat-down procedures that left one U.S. Airways pilot feeling as if he’d been “sexually molested.”

From USA Today:

The controversy is the latest flare-up in a long battle by pilots to streamline or eliminate the screening they receive. They argue that if they receive background checks, they should be able to enter the airport without undergoing security checks.

Unions tell pilots to avoid body scanners at airports [USA Today]

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