TSA Head Apologizes To Traveler Whose Bladder Bag Burst During Pat-Down

Yesterday, the TSA got yet another public-relations black eye when a man in Michigan said airport screeners in Detroit refused to listen to him about his medical condition and accidentally ruptured a bag full of urine under his clothes.

In an attempt to calm the media storm, TSA chief John Pistole contacted the man after seeing his story on CNN.

The passenger said Pistole was friendly — they even joked about each of them having to deal with the flurry of public interest in the topic — but that the TSA head had to be corrected in his understanding of some of the details of the incident.

The man, a survivor of bladder cancer, volunteered to meet with Pistole and his associates to help educate them on how best screeners can deal with travelers who have similar conditions and other medical devices.

“I’m a good American. I know why we’re doing this, and I understand it,” the traveler told CNN. “But this was extremely embarrassing, and it didn’t have to happen. With educated TSA workers, it wouldn’t have happened.”

Doctors question TSA’s use of pat downs, body scans [CNN]

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