Are You Participating In "Opt-Out" Day?

The day is finally here. No, not the day before Thanksgiving. Something far more important than spending time with your family, National Opt-Out Day. People who are doing it plan to, when asked to step through the body imaging machine, opt-out and get the enhanced pat-down instead. Are you gonna do it, or do you think it’s stupid – or worse? Take our poll!

The idea behind Opt-Out Day is to get the pat-down in full public view to raise awareness about the body imaging machines and type of body search. Participants in the action are uncomfortable with both methods and/or find them an intrusion on their personal rights.

The movement started online, with a lot of the organizing gestating over at Reddit, and gathered support, and derision, from people across the political spectrum. Now mainstream media is on the story and will be watching to see what happens. What’s your take?

National Opt Out Day [Opt Out Day]

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