Cabela's Hooks Me Up With Out-Of-Warranty Replacement Gun

A couple months after Jon bought a gun from Cabela’s, the finish started wearing off. Since he’d fired the gun several times, Jon said he’d rendered it ineligible for return. The manufacturer wanted to charge him $100 to refinish the firearm, so Jon took it back to Cabela’s, where a manager replaced the gun.

Jon writes:

A lower-level manager looked the gun over real well and documented the damage and said he sure that the finish on that particular gun was defective because he had never seen that type of wear so soon. … He then told me that he appreciated the manner in which I was handling the situation by first going to the manufacturer and than being kind in my dealings with his employees. He told me was going to take a loss but he would like me to come into the store with my gun so he could give me a replacement.

If you’ve ever bought a defective gun, how difficult was it for you to get a replacement?

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