Which Products Are You Most Thankful For?

In case you hadn’t noticed, a lot of what gets posted on Consumerist isn’t always the cheeriest of news. But in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, we admit that not everything is a malicious scam filled with melamine, cadmium and lead and secretly owned by Halliburton.

For example, I can’t remember how I used to handle hot pans without my Ove Glove. Being genetically predisposed to klutziness, I used to spend hours each year rinsing my seared flesh under cold water. But no longer.

There’s also the Red Zone Channel on DirecTV, which provides me with all the important parts of my Sunday afternoon football without any of the commercials.

The only other person left here at Consumerist HQ on the Thanksgiving Eve is Meg, who tells me she is thankful for Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwiches and Crest Toothpaste.

So while we don’t expect any of you to actually give thanks to your DVRs or iPhones at the dinner table tomorrow, we still want to know which products (or services, companies, foods, etc.) are you most thankful for?

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