My Ex Ruined My Credit And Jamie Dimion Doesn't Care

Lawrence has been in two bad relationships, first with his ex and now with Chase. He and the woman had shared expenses. He was on her credit card. They broke up but he was still on her card, which she continued to run up to $15k. Lawrence escalated his request to get taken off the card all the way up to CEO Jamie Dimion, who promised to sic one of his secretaries on it. And since this is a letter being posted on Consumerist, you can imagine how well that worked out…

Lawrence writes:

Several years ago (2006)I was in a relationship with this woman and we were planning to invest into some properties, so she put me on one of her credit cards. The relationship didn’t work out (approximately spring of 2007) and she asked me to go off the credit card. No problem. We sent the necessary paperwork to take me off the credit card. They didn’t take it off. So, we did it again…they claim they didn’t receive it. Pretty convenient as they always got our letters. We did it again. At this point they claimed they wouldn’t take me off the credit card as she was over the 50% mark. Fine.

The Ex continued to go in arrears with it. To the point where she owes 15k on it. I had not spent 1 cent of that money.

I confronted the Ex on it and she said that she was going to take care of it and this is where Jamie Dimon comes in. I got a hold of him and he directed me to one of his secretaries. I sent in all appropriate paper work about getting off the credit cards as well as the Ex agreeing to pay them back; and had that in writing. About 2 weeks later they sort of disappeared. And I received a letter from an attorney saying that we would not have a problem taking you off the credit report if “I” pay off the debt. I wrote to the attorney asking him to send all pertinent documents claiming that I owe the debt. No answer. I wrote again. Then I told Jamie Dimon’s secretary and she didn’t want to get involved, so to speak because it was the lawyers hands. Fine.

So, they take to court and get a judgement on her. So, she has agreed to pay, they have a judgment on her, I was not on ANY legal documents regarding the suit and I spoke to several attorneys and yet my credit is destroyed. It won’t come off until 2016-2017 Further, I’ve been a bad car accident (Sept 14) where I received a head injury and haven’t been able to work and during these times of holidays things are even more amplified as now I can’t move due to money as well as the credit is destroyed…no landlords will see it my way. It’s not good. And frankly, this isn’t about the sob story it’s about they have the cake and want to eat it too.

Anyways, thanks for listening.


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