J. Crew Sells Itself For $3B

J. Crew has sold itself to a buyout firm for $3 billion. Hurrah, the country’s long-term strategic reserves of polo shirts are preserved. Perhaps the new owners can get cracking on fixing the store’s notoriously horrendous website, ordering system, and call center.

It’s Official: J. Crew to Sell Itself for $3 Billion [DealBook]


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  1. one swell foop says:

    Perhaps you’re not aware, but J Crew has sort of been knocking it out of the park with their men’s collections for the past three or so years. I say this as person that only owns one polo style shirt, and that one unwillingly. I had to wear it for a previous job and have not thrown it away, because it might be useful as a rag for waxing my car or cleaning my engine…

  2. flyairdave says:

    “Knocking it out of the park”… ummmmm only if you are referring to a doggie park. J.Crew has sucked for several years. Their lame service is only out-sucked by their crappy clothing.

    • tcolberg says:

      Don’t know what you’re going off of in terms of saying they suck. J.Crew has pretty good positioning for men’s clothing, with its only major competitors in terms of style and fit being Banana Republic (bleh) and Club Monaco (not as many locations). The next market bracket up is Brooks Brothers and boutique makers.

      If one lived in NYC, then I would understand having options like Uniqlo, but most of us don’t. So, for easily accessible and relatively affordable clothing, J.Crew is pretty good. Where are you going that apparently doesn’t suck?

    • one swell foop says:

      That depends on your personal style. If you have any interest in the classic prep or military looks oriented towards classic Americana (which have been very, very big over the last year or so), then no, they don’t suck. If you want urban style with baggy jeans, then I suppose they do suck, but I do try to dress like a grownup every now and then, so I stay away from that sort of thing. Then again, I’m the sort that uses the wearing of ed hardy and true religion products to identify the db’s that I’m not going to associate with….

  3. CrankyOwl says:

    Is that the new J. Crew spokesdog? Because it’s an awfully cute doggie.

  4. MrsBug says:

    Are they going to do anything about their crazy prices? One can hope.

  5. props_nyc says:

    I wouldn’t really expect the consumerist crowd to be J Crew fans. Their stuff is very nice. Super expensive, but very well fitted. I usually try to find sale rack stuff.

    The suiting is reasonably priced as well when you consider the quality of construction.

    As for the website, well that’s another story.

    • one swell foop says:

      It’s not super expensive…relative to other brands that offer the same level of quality, fit, and style. Yes, they are expensive for my budget, but I shop the sale section on their website (I wait for the 25%-30% off orders of $150 or more with free shipping, this often applies to sale items which are already discounted as well) when I’m looking for a specific article of clothing that I know they design well.
      Check out some other sites like valet.com and selectism.com if you want to see expensive stuff. They occasionally post something cheaper, but often these items are only to be found in brick and mortar retail shops in NYC or London, and usually sell out quickly after being posted. I check them so that I can cry over my keyboard at the expensive, pretty things that I can’t afford. Maybe one day, after law school.

    • MrsBug says:

      It is expensive,but you do get what you pay for. I gripe about it, but I’ll be the first one to admit that I look specifically for J Crew stuff when I shop consignment stores.

  6. Kibit says:

    I love J Crews Perfect Fit Tee’s. They fit great, are very soft and hold up quite well. I can go without the attitude at their full price store, which is why I typically shop at their outlet. (Yes, I know outlet stores aren’t always cheaper, but I have had good luck at J Crew’s)