J. Crew's Notoriously Awful Website Charges You $9,208.50 To Ship The Wrong Shirt

J. Crew has a problem with their website. Whatever the problem is, it isn’t small. Meet Per, a J. Crew customer who tried to order some polo shirts and not only did he get the wrong shirts, the bill came with a shipping charge of $9,208.50. Per would like to return these shirts and not pay $9,208.50 in shipping, but he can’t manage to log on to J. Crew’s website.

Dear J Crew,

Re. my recent order:
1. Invoiced for $9208.50 in shipping charges. Scan of invoice attached.
2. Baby sized shirts shipped. I ordered men’s medium sized polo shirts. (Size M as in the invoice). Photo attached.
3. Cannot sign into website, JSP_EXECUTION_FAILED, screenshot attached.

I would like to
1) Return the shirts for a refund – they are completely the wrong size.
2) Not be charged $9,208 for shipping
3) Not have to use the website to do this, as I can’t log in

Can you reply to my email at as soon as possible? I am worried about my credit card being charged for the incorrect shipping cost.


He also attached this image of the tiny, tiny shirt that he received. How sad.

We’re reasonably sure that no self-respecting credit card will allow a shipping charge of over $9k to go through without calling, but if the charge is incorrect, Per can call and do a chargeback.

J Crew Customer [Blogspot]

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