Domino's Booger Woman Gets Sentenced

On Friday the woman who narrated the Domino’s booger video that made national headlines plead guilty and received sentencing.

The video shot in April 2009 showed her and a fellow male worker doing disgusting things to the food in the kitchen. The guy stuffed cheese up his nose before he put it on a sandwich, farting on a piece of salami, and sneezing on cheese sticks, and then disguising the boogers underneath the cheese and boxing it up.

The two workers testified that no customers ever actually ate the food.

The woman plead guilty to “Distribution of certain food at Halloween and all other times prohibited,” a lesser charge than the felony food adulteration charge she was first hit with. The statute makes it unlawful to “…cause to be placed in a position of human accessibility, any food or eatable substance which that person knows to contain: (1) Any noxious or deleterious substance, material or article which might be injurious to a person’s health or might cause a person any physical discomfort…”

The charge carries a max 120-day suspended sentence, but the judge gave her 45 days and 18 months probation. While on probation she can’t work in any kind of restaurant or food or drink serving establishment. She also has to do 200 hours of community service.

She was also told not to talk about the incident to anyone else and is forbidden from making any money off any interviews having to do with it.

Before sentencing her, the judge told the woman, “The scary thing is this goes on in other places that you don’t know about, and it makes you wonder what you’re getting.”

Woman pleads guilty in Domino’s gross-out case [Hickory Daily Record]

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