Blacklisted From Motel 6 For Complaining About Moldy Shower Curtain

We appreciate your feedback? Not so much. When a man returned to the same Motel 6 where he had complained about a moldy shower curtain, he found himself barred from staying there. Because no other hotels had vacancies, he was forced to sleep in his car.

The man told WPXI that the manager, “…comes out and he says, oh yeah, I remember you, you’re not allowed to stay here. And I say, not allowed to stay? And he said yeah, we don’t want your business anymore.”

Reached for comment, the hotel’s manager, for some reason, acknowledged that the customer had been blacklisted, saying, “His name was on the list. But once I talked to corporate, he’s allowed to come back.”

The man says he will not be staying at Motel 6 again after this experience.

Motel 6 corporate confirmed to WPXI that the man had been placed on a list, but that it was a mistake, and that the list is only supposed to be used for customers who are causing a disturbance.

It’s sad when businesses can’t take a little honest feedback and resort to petty bullying to get revenge on you. But you just have to stick with the impulse that made you file the complaint in the first place, and report any retaliatory action as well. That’ll really get the higher-up’s attention to bring light to bear on the mismanagement. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

Man Put On ‘Do Not Stay List’ After Complaining About Moldy Shower Curtain At Motel 6 [WPXI]

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