Airports Looking To Replace TSA Screeners With Contractors

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s been a slight bit of public push-back to the TSA’s increased use of full-body scanners and invasive pat-downs at security checkpoints. And at least one airport in Florida is telling the TSA “no thanks,” opting to use a private contractor instead.

The Orlando Sanford International Airport — not to be confused with the larger Orlando International Airport — says it has done the research and come to the conclusion that it can do better with one of the five approved private screening companies.

Says the director of the Sanford Airport Authority:

All of our due diligence shows it’s the way to go… You’re going to get better service at a better price and more accountability and better customer service.

Orlando-area Congressman John Mica, expected to take over the reins of the Transportation Committee next year, recently sent a letter to the nation’s 100 busiest airports urging them to consider using contractors.

“I think TSA is overstepping its bounds,” he says.

Meanwhile, in Georgia a Macon City Councilor has declared that he wants to stop using TSA screeners at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport.

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