Remember To Reward Yourself For Paying Off Debt

Getting out of a debt can be a long slog. It demands willpower and making sacrifices. It’s usually not very fun. So to make it easier, it’s a good idea to give yourself a little treat along the way to reward yourself for sticking to the path.

Five Cent Nickel writes:

Although patience and perseverance can be their own rewards, it doesn’t hurt to reward yourself as you meet your short term goals. Obviously, the reward should be modest. You won’t be leasing a new Mercedes with your newfound funds. However, a nice night out at the restaurant you used to frequent, or a small, non-impulse purchase would be considered appropriate – just as long as you pay cash.

After all, a behavior that is not reinforced, dies.

Power Over Plastic: Seven Practical Ways to Pay Off Credit Card Debt [Five Cent Nickel]