These 100 Body Scan Images Should Not Exist

The TSA and other agencies have repeatedly told the public that the body scanner devices automatically delete the images after they’re reviewed. But in August, it came out that US Marshals at a federal courthouse operating the Gen 2 millimeter wave scanner were storing the images. Now you can see what they saw, as Gizmodo has acquired 100 of the 35,000 images through a FOIA request.

The scanner devices are shipped with the ability to offload images for “testing” purposes, but it’s not supposed to be activated. Clearly it’s not that hard to figure out how to set it up, and having the capability lays the groundwork for potential future breaches of citizen privacy.

One Hundred Naked Citizens: One Hundred Leaked Body Scans [Gizmodo]

Courthouse In Florida Has 35,000 Body Scans Of Citizens

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