My Freschetta Suffers From Male Pattern Baldness

Reader signup6 feels conned by his Freschetta Flat Bread Pizza box. That single sliver of pepperoni is all that remains from what possibly was once a healthy mane of processed red meat before it all fell out.

He writes:

Check out the amount of pepperoni on the pizza on the box, and then look at what I got — 1/4 of one piece of pepperoni!

(Not to mention that the other ingredients — sausage and salami — are not as plentiful as the box represents, either.)

I emailed the Freschetta company a week ago on 11/7/10, but they have not seen fit to respond to my email.

Henceforth, the lack of proper toppings on frozen food shall be known as Freezer Burn. Singup6 hopes he’s the only victim, but I’m guessing you have some stories that can match his.

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