Thieves Steal My Identity And Money, Trash My Credit, Bank Abandons Me

“A” says con artists stole her identity and swiped her money, causing checks to bounce and her credit to be damaged. She said Chase has been unwilling to help her and killed her account without refunding the stolen money.

Her tale seems like a nightmare that could happen to anyone and proves that your money is only as secure as your bank’s willingness to stand up for you.

She writes:

My checking account with Chase was broken into and my identity was stolen. I filed a claim to Chase but they dismissed it and told me that they can’t help me. (STRIKE 1)

They will not return my stolen funds and consequently my credit is being screwed, as the thieves wrote checks in my name that were bounced. (STRIKE 2)

All of my original funds are gone and they subsequently closed my account without giving my original money back, telling me there is nothing they can do and to file a lawsuit if I deem it necessary, which I do!. (STRIKE 3)

A seems to be in a litigious mood. What do you think her next step should be?

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