GM Kills Mr. Goodwrench In The Garage With A Lead Pipe

As the latest step in its post-bailout image overhaul, General Motors announced yesterday that the car maker will be phasing out its GM Goodwrench auto service in favor of brand-specific “Certified Service” centers.

The Goodwrench program began in the 1970s and was known as Mr. Goodwrench until the company decided to pull the “Mr.” portion from the brand name in 1996 (though many people have continued to use the name).

Says a guy from GM, who you just know has a secret underground garage full of Fords and Toyotas:

This is more than a name change — it is a declaration of our commitment to our customers, with exclusive vehicle diagnostics and connectivity via OnStar, competitively priced services and parts, increased advisor and technician training, and working jointly with our dealers to focus on customer satisfaction.

GM retires Mr. Goodwrench [Consumer Reports]

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