Bed Company Sells Me Sheets That Are Too Short, Won't Take Them Back

A reader writes in complaining that some Tempur-Pedic sheets she bought for her bed of the same brand don’t fit, which sort of defeats the purpose of bed sheets. She says Tempur-Pedic refuses to offer a refund for a product she can’t use.

She explains:

I spent $200 on sheets that are made for and sold by Tempur-Pedic especially for their mattresses. They claim that they fit all of their mattresses. After about a month of forcing them onto our mattress, I called and asked for a refund. They are just too short. The rep said that sheets are not returnable. He would have someone from the sheet manufacturer call. Perhaps, since the sheets are too short, they are defective. Then I would be able to exchange them. That was four days ago. No one has called. My business is not important to Tempur-Pedic.

Tempur-Pedic’s 1-year limited warranty on linens seems to provide for exchanges rather than refunds.

Regardless of the policy, do you think the reader deserves a refund? And how long would you wait to hear back from the company about conducting the exchange?


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  1. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Did Tempur-pedic not offer an exchange? Seems like it would solve everyone’s problems.

    Dear Businesses,

    Empower your customer services departments. Please. Then they might treat us like fucking people.

    • Gramin says:

      Verizon’s telephone customer service is the shit. They have so much more power than the stores. In fact, when I have an issue, I don’t even bother going to the store. I just give them a call and presto, problem resolved.

  2. SerenityDan says:

    I don’t think you should complain about being ignored until at least a week has passed. And exchange only seems fair.

  3. oldwiz65 says:

    TempurPedic is not the most dependable or reliable company if they sell sheets that don’t fit then won’t replace or refund the money.

    • Groanan says:

      I am glad that I stuck with the Rocky Mountain Mattress company for my foam bed needs.
      Immediately after ordering my first bed from them online they sent me an email asking if I wanted to take advantage of their free upgrade in size deal, which would have given me a larger bed for the same cost.

      Considering the quality of the bed and the friendly service, I bought two more from them for my siblings – all at a fraction of the cost of buying something under the Tempur-pedic name, from a smaller company where the communication feels less like negotiating with a foreign nation.

  4. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    It took you a month to realize your sheets wouldn’t fit? I understand the frustration, but why not get an exchange set and see if those work? I would not have waited four days for the sheet manufacturer to call me; I would have asked Tempur-Pedic to provide the name of the manufacturer and a phone number.

    It seems to me that the OP is frustrated because it took her a month to determine that her sheets didn’t fit her bed. Considering $200 is not a small amount, especially for an item that is deemed as personal use, it isn’t entirely unreasonable of Tempur-Pedic to have a policy against refunds.

    • OSAM says:

      Step 1: Takes sheets out of packaging
      Step 2: Attempt to place them on mattress
      Step 3: If Success then keep, if fail then return
      Step 4: Sleep / buy new ones.

  5. RxDude says:

    Looks like you’ve been short sheeted.

  6. neekap says:

    If I paid $200 for a set of sheets and there was a problem, I sure wouldn’t wait a whole month before trying to return them or get them exchanged. They’d be going back within a day or two.

  7. haggis for the soul says:

    Why a refund instead of an exchange for sheets that fit? Are they available somewhere else?

  8. SimplyStating says:

    I am thinking that since she kept using the sheets for a MONTH when they did not fit this is where the real issue started. Why would you wait a month to decide HEY YA KNOW I THINK THESE SHEETS ARE SHORTER THAN THEY SHOULD BE?… Doesn’t really make much sense. But regardless after using them a month she should be satisfied with an exchange since she has been sleeping on the things now for a month its not like they can be reused.

  9. Murbob says:

    If you used a credit card, threaten them with a charge back.

    You should, however, give them a week or so to get things straightened out.

    • ryder28910 says:

      That completely ludicrous. “Dear credit card company, I’m too thick-headed to notice that the sheets I purchased don’t fit my bed until after I had already used them for 30 days straight.” It would fail miserably in the end; the folks at Tempur-pedic could win that claim in their sleep.

  10. Rachacha says:

    I am wondering if the sheets somehow shrunk in the wash. The OP did not indicate what material the sheets were made of, but I have had some sheets that fit perfectly the day I opened the package, but after a few washings had shrunk so much that the fitted sheet would not fit on the bed.

  11. Macgyver says:

    Took her a month to say something. It would have taken me not even 5 min to to say something.

    $200 for sheets? You can get a good sheet for about $50 at JC Penny.
    I would never pay more then $50 for a sheet anyway, that’s just too expensive for me.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Deriding the OP for buying the sheets is unhelpful. Tempur-Pedic sheets are supposed to be made to specially fit the mattresses, which can have a variety of modifications that make them too wide or thick for regular sheets. There might be regular sheets that definitely fit these mattresses, but some people just go with TempurPedic. The site has sheets as low as $69 so the OP clearly purchased mid-to-high range.

      • GMFish says:

        Deriding the OP for buying the sheets is unhelpful.

        Giving idiots a free pass is even less helpful.

        If they didn’t fit the OP should have immediately taken them back. Or at least, immediately stopped using them.

        And I simply cannot feel sorry for anyone who has $200 to blow on sheets. But that’s just me I guess.

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          Good, cause no one asked you to feel sorry for the person. If you looked at my post upthread, I don’t think she should get a refund, nor do I think she made the right choice to wait an entire month before calling Tempur-Pedic. But how much she spent on sheets has nothing to do with the fact that she has a problem with customer service, even I think that problem is kind of her fault. I’m not giving anyone a free pass, just saying that it is stupid to say that someone shouldn’t spend $200 on sheets, or anything that you don’t think is worth that much.

        • George4478 says:

          Customer service says sheets are not returnable. The 30 days have nothing to do with it.

    • TheGreySpectre says:

      I spent $250 on my sheets. They have been worth every penny, they are SOOO comfortable. Just because you buy cheap sheets doesn’t mean everyone does. You can also get cheap cars, computers, apartments, houses, shoes and clothes. That doesn’t mean everyone want’s to drive a 1985 geo metro and live in a studio apartment. The problem here is the service of tempurpedic, not the cost of the sheets.

  12. canaguy says:

    Why did she wait for a month ? The return could be done as soon as it is known as a problem…!

    • Kate says:

      Is it all that important? You can have a problem with something and then after messing with it a while, decide the problem is that the product is defective. I don’t change my sheets everyday. I suppose they kept coming loose after a few days, and the person would think she put them on wrong and do it again until she realized it wasn’t her own fault.

      Personally, I don’t spend everyday of my life monitoring my belongings. A lot of my time is dealing with larger issues.

      • BBP says:

        Kate – This isn’t something where you wouldn’t notice the problem for a month or two – the person had to FORCE the sheets onto the bed, thus they knew immediately that there was a problem.

        No monitoring necessary!

    • ElBobulo says:

      How about maybe she went on vacation or a long business trip and didn’t get around to it for a month.

      Regardless, if they don’t fit, they don’t fit.

      • sharkzfanz says:

        How about we wait 2 years and then go back.. Better yet 20 years.. What is the limit? If they dont fit get them exchanged right away or at least call and speak to someone or email them.

  13. AustinTXProgrammer says:

    I have a Termpur-Pedic king size mattress and we just use the highest end sheets that Walmart sells (about $90 a set). They fit perfectly. Now we didn’t buy the “Grand” bed because that would have been $9k but went with the “Deluxe”.

    I can see spending $200 on sheets if the material were fantastic but I don’t see why one would need sheets the same brand as their mattress.

    Were the sheets purchased at the same time as the mattress? If so Tempur-Pedic should do whatever is needed to keep the customer who spent thousands happy.

    • GMFish says:

      I can see spending $200 on sheets if the material were fantastic….

      I could see spending $200 on sheets if they came with a $150 instant refund. Otherwise I can feel no sympathy. If you don’t want to be ripped off buying $200 sheets, don’t buy $200 sheets. It’s as simple as that.

      • msbask says:

        I don’t think the OP is looking for sympathy, they’re looking for advice.

        Telling someone not to spend more than what you decide is the right amount for something is ridiculous advice.

  14. dangermike says:

    I would suggest turning the sheets 90 degrees.

  15. dreamsneverend says:

    I love my Tepur-Pedic bed but why in the hell buy sheets from them? Outside of not using a mattress pad, you can buy any kind of sheets from retailers that fit just fine. I raid Overstock for nice sets a lot!

  16. Alvis says:

    You know sheets are just cloth, right? They’re not, like, really flat HDTVs or made of platinum.

  17. seth1066 says:

    Doubtful, but maybe they are supposed to fit tighter than normal. One thing that may be done over the phone with the manufacturer is to get the factory dimensions on the specific sheet, measure and see if there is a discrepancy.

  18. Tim says:

    I thought it said “Bad company …”

    Of course it’s a bad company; how dare it sell too-small sheets.

  19. seth1066 says:

    Just looked at the Tempur-Pedic web site. They make a CA KIng; the King and CA King sheet set are both $199. If you’ve got the CA King which is 72 x 84 , maybe they sent you a regular King sheet set which is 76 x 80.

  20. DerangedKitsune says:

    Refund, no. Excange for proper products, yes. 48 hrs, 72 tops, is sufficent time to wait for any callback.

  21. IT-Princess: I work in IT, you owe me $1 says:

    Wow, wait a whole month sleeping on sheets that don’t fit then ask for a refund?
    Something’s fishy.

    • GMFish says:

      But don’t blame the OP. For some reason blaming idiots for their idiocy is wrong. The OP is a great and wonderful person who is completely blameless for her idiocy.

      • IT-Princess: I work in IT, you owe me $1 says:

        (I know that’s sarcastic) But I’m not blaming the OP and if something is NOT up then I feel sorry for them.
        However, even if you’re trying to give something a chance, if you spend a lot of money, then I expect it to be what I was sold. I’ve gotten things for a deal that weren’t as expected so you try to make them work, but not in this case. You spend more on a product than the average person needs to, something that is supposed to work a certain way, you don’t wait 4 weeks (while using the product) before you complain.
        This is as an average person reading this, imagine how Tempurpedic feels about it.

      • SissyOPinion says:

        Questioning why the OP waited a month to contact Tempur-Pedic about the issues with the sheets is not wrong. Being bitter about the OP’s ability to pay $200 for sheets is just tacky.

        • macruadhi says:

          Not that I really care, but there is a difference between being bitter about one’s ability to purchase $200 sheets and the sheer idiocy of one’s willingness to pay $200 for a set of sheets.

  22. Aaron Poehler says:

    If they were that short, he wouldn’t have been able to “force” them on for “about a month”. He would have taken them back the next day after they didn’t fit.

  23. BBP says:

    1. Waiting a MONTH before even complaining about it to their customer service? If I had to “force” them onto the bed, I’d have called immediately for an exchange.

    2. Telling them that you had to “force” them onto the bed makes it seem as if YOU may have damaged them and thus they don’t fit right. If they were too small, you shouldn’t have tried any further… but you did and they may assume that you’re liable for the issue (since you may have damaged them).

    3. Wait at least a week before going on a tirade.

  24. RedOryx says:

    Know how you hear about people trying to return a pair of shoes that are all scuffed on the bottom or show other obvious signs of wear and a store refuses to take them back?

    You spent a MONTH sleeping on a set of sheets. I wouldn’t want them back either. It’s not like they can just clean them and resell them.

  25. dg says:

    Call them up, and tell them that you demand a refund for the sheets. If they say no – then call up your credit card company and file a chargeback because they are “NOT AS ADVERTISED”.

    If Tempur-pedic tries to dispute the chargeback, then call them up and tell them you want to return the bed too. Let them have EVERYTHING back – and call the credit card company and refute the disputed chargeback.

    I wouldn’t have given them 2 minutes to decide. Those “we’ll call you back” things are a delaying tactic – total bullshit. You didn’t contract with the sheet manufacturer – you contracted with Tempur-pedic – your dispute is with Tempur-pedic. TP’s dispute is with the sheet manufacturer – they can deal with them on their own time. In the meantime, they get you sheets that fit, or return your money – that’s it.

    • sharkzfanz says:

      it was purchased knowing the return policy was exchange only. Demand an exchange and when not allowed then charge back. To charge back you need to have valid reason or it is fraud. If you know the return policy (you cant say you dont since you should check before placing any orders) you cannot simply charge back since your not happy they wont have a special policy for you.

  26. jiarby says:

    should have gone the next day

  27. Caffinehog says:

    I have a solution: Rotate your sheets 90 degrees. Then they will be long enough.

    I’m not saying that that is the problem, but different sheets sometimes have different elastic patterns. Especially with beds that are almost square, I’ve seen people put them on sideways for years before they figured out why they didn’t fit right.

    And if this solves the problem, I deserve an award for tech support person of the year!