Deciding Whether To Open Your Wallet Or Slam The Door When A Stranger Calls

When a stranger knocks on your door, it’s almost always someone asking for something rather than someone willing to give you something. So it’s understandable to have a closed-door policy unless you see through the peephole that it’s Ed McMahon. And even if it is Ed McMahon, he’s most likely a zombie rather than a Publishers Clearing House representative because he died last year.

But sometimes it’s a Girl Scout offering you your annual shot at Thin Mints, and once in a while it’s someone from a valid, worthy charity. A post by Revanche at A Gai Shan Life describes an encounter with a newspaper salesman who claimed to be working his way toward a college scholarship. She didn’t like his vibe and sent him on his way, but feels guilty because she can’t be sure he was a con artist.

What’s your acid test for determining whether someone who approaches you for your dough is worth your time?

Scammy scam scam? [A Gai Shan Life]

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