Best Buy Forgives $500 In Interest Just Because I Asked

Mike forgot to pay off the balance of a purchase he made on a Best Buy/HSBC credit card by the no-interest deadline and faced more than $500 in charges. On a whim, he followed our advice for launching an Executive Email Carpet Bomb and Jedi mind-tricked Best Buy into forgetting about the interest.

He writes:

To make a long story short, through a series of my errors, I missed the date for the end of a promotional financing offer with Bust Buy on my Best Buy/HSBC card. I ended up paying the balance off 18 days late and was assessed $505.08 in accumulated interest charges. After receiving a form response from HSBC online customer service I used your site to find the contact information for both HSBC and Best Buy’s executive customer care.

In less then 24 hours Best Buy resolved the problem reaching out to HSBC and having the charges removed!

Since it was my error, I had no expectation of getting the charges waived. By not only getting it done but also in such a rapid fashion, Best Buy will have me as a loyal customer for a long time to come.

If you’ve scored with an EECB, tell us about your conquest.

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