Lawsuit: Apple's New Operating System Intentionally Slowed Older iPhones

Some iPhone owners say Apple’s iOS 4 tossed some sand in the gears of their older iPhones, and at least one angry customer thinks it was all part of Apple’s plan to make iPhone owners sour on their devices and upgrade to the iPhone 4.

Ars Technica reports a California woman has sued Apple in Superior Court over the issue and hopes to turn her complaint into a class action suit. Her beef is not only that the iOS 4 makes the older iPhones run slower and suffer from bugs, but that it takes the ability of a hacker to revert back to a previous operating system.

iPhone owners who stuck with a 3GS or older phone, how is iOS 4 working out for you?

Lawsuit: Apple turned iPhone 3Gs into “iBricks” to boost iPhone 4 [Ars Technica via GeekSugar]

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