Wells Fargo Repossesses Fully Paid-Off Car

Looks like banks are really bad at more than just home foreclosures. A woman in Tacoma, WA, was left car-less after Wells Fargo had her vehicle repossessed, even though she owned her car outright.

“I don’t know what’s going on. I thought they couldn’t take my car, but it’s gone!” the woman told Seattle’s King 5 News. “This was my only car…We’re missing out on a lot of stuff, I can’t take them to choir practice.”

The woman’s name is on the title, which she showed to police and which King 5 confirmed was authentic with the state’s Dept. of Licensing. Regardless, her 1999 Chrysler LHS was still hauled off to an auction yard.

“I called the police, showed them my title, and they still let them take my car,” the car’s owner said.

The owner was lucky enough to get the attention of King 5 problem-solver Jessie Jones, who managed to get a hold of Wells Fargo. The bank didn’t give the reporter a reason for the f-up, but did act to resolve the situation.

“The next thing you know the president of Wells Fargo is calling me,” says the woman, who finally got her car delivered back to her driveway. “They brought it back they way they got it.”

Once again, it’s nice to have this woman’s particular case resolved, but banks still don’t appear to be doing anything to fix the systemic problems that cause screw-ups like this to happen in the first place.

She owns the car but the bank repossessed it [King5.com via HuffPo]

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