A Nightclub Security Guard Tased Me — What Should I Do?

C, who is in the military, says a Taser-happy security guard hunted him down in the parking lot of a North Carolina nightclub, giving him a 50,000 volt “move along” message, and now he’s weighing his options as to how to proceed.

Because drinks and late-night machismo were involved, take his story for what it’s worth:

When the place was closing they turned the lights on and told everyone to leave i left with the buddy I came with there were several people arguing in the parking lot and people pulling out everywhere leaving the club. I then sat down in my buddy’s truck on the passenger side and smoked a cigarette waiting for the parking lot to clear out before we left I then was approached by a security guard and he told me to leave i told him that we were waiting for the place to clear out before we left so nobody was in the way or cars driving all over he then said to leave I said we are just waiting for people to leave he then Tased me in the right side of my chest and grabbed me from the truck threw me on the ground put handcuffs on my wrists and Tased me again.

He told me that I was going to have charges against me and then I asked him for his badge number and name which he refused to give me he wouldn’t tell me anything. I am in the military so I told my buddy that was with me to contact our people to let them know what has happened. The security guard then made me get into his car and tried to take me to the military police on base but he was refused access at the gate by the base security. Then at which point the MPs were called and i was released to them and all they did was just drop me off at my company with no charges filed against me or any paper work done against me. I am wondering if this security guard can legally do this to me and if i was such a problem why were charges not filed against me once I started asking him for his information.

The security company, I believe, is field force police security company I have been unable to find there contact information to file a complaint. I am wanting to know what I can legally do about this situation and if I do go to file complaint or charges against this individual/company or the club could they at that point try to file charges against me because I am taking action against them?

If you were in C’s shoes, innocent or not, what would you do to fight back against the Taser-blasting establishment?