What Does It Take To Get Banned From Starbucks?

In the past, we’ve written about a customer being ejected from a Starbucks for refusing to say what she didn’t want on her bagel, others kicked out to face a fierce storm and an employee who opted to turn off the WiFi rather than give the boot to customers surfing the web for porn. But over at StarbucksGossip, current and former employees of the java giant are sharing their tales of tossing customers out on their asses.

Here are a few of our faves:

There was a couple who were doing heroin in our bathrooms. For a few months. We called the cops. The cops didn’t seen to care about the needles left. The users got harassed but nothing really came of it.
Then months later I was working at another store and the same homeless couple started coming in. I warned the team about them. I caught them drink in our restrooms. They were told not to return.

We’ve recently had to ban a person who kept stealing food items and such because he started stealing the tips. More then once. We finally told him he was no longer welcome in the store – cause lets face it, if all he is doing is stealing, theres no point in letting him in anyways – he isn’t buying anything he’s just stealing.

I permanently uninvited someone who came into the store, crapped all over the bathroom (we called Hazmat it was so bad) and proceeded to eat a meal at the restaurant next door, covered in her own feces.

Someone’s been told to never set foot in Starbucks again. How often does that happen? [StarbucksGossip.com]

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