What Mechanically Separated Chicken Looks Like

Mmm yummers, after the jump, here’s a picture of some mechanically separated poultry. We didn’t want to put it on the front page because it is so gross, so if you click through, that is your fault.

Click on the pink goo pic for the full-size version.

funofgoo.jpgIf you’re craving some, go buy a hot dog. It’s likely to be in there. To make it, they take chicken carcasses with bits of meat still on them and run it through a high pressure sieve, extruding a cake batter-like paste filled with a rich slurry of ground bone. But is it in chicken nuggets, as some blogs hyping up this picture have said?

Well, if it’s in a food, it has to be disclosed in the ingredients. According to McDonald’s, their McNuggets are made with white boneless chicken. Nuggets you get in the supermarket might have MSC, as do many chicken dogs, chicken patties, chicken sausages, and just cheap food, but if so, it will say it plainly on the label, as required by the Agriculture Department for years.

[via Early Onset of Night]

Agency Proposes Labels on Poultry Products Containing Bone [NYT]

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