Verizon Pays FCC $25 Million, Credits Customers With $52.8 Million For False Data Charges

Despite earlier reports that Verizon would refund $90 million to customers it overcharged for data use on cell phones, the cell phone company revealed it’s paying $25 million in fines to the Federal Communications Commission and crediting only $52.8 million to customers.

In a press statement reported by various outlets, Verizon apologized for overcharging customers:

Verizon Wireless works very hard to simplify the wireless experience for customers and to ensure that customer bills are accurate. Nonetheless, internal billing processes can be complex and, in this case, we made inadvertent billing mistakes. We accept responsibility for those errors, and apologize to our customers who received accidental data charges on their bills.

Funny how those “accidents” usually turn out in the biller’s favor.

Verizon Fined $25 Million by FCC for Data Download Overcharges [Daily Finance]

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