Netflix Now Considers Itself A Streaming Company That Happens To Also Mail DVDs

Netflix is now an online content streaming company that has a nice little side business in mailing DVDs, according to CEO Reed Hastings.

In the management commentary on their 3rd quarter earnings report, he said,

Three years ago we were a DVD-by-mail company that offered some streaming. We are very proud to announce that by every measure we are now a streaming company, which also offers DVD-by-mail (emphasis added). In Q4, we’ll spend more on streaming content than DVD content, and we’ll deliver many more hours of entertainment via streaming than on DVD. More impressively, a majority of our subs will watch more content streamed from Netflix than delivered by us on DVD. DVD-by-mail shipments are still growing, but streaming for us is much larger and growing much faster.

That’s all well and good, now just get me some broadband that actually lives up to their advertised speeds and then we’ll be talking.

Q3 10 Management’s commentary and financial highlights (PDF) [Netflix]

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