Regret Buying That Groupon? Here's How To Sell It

This month saw a momentous occasion for me: group-discount site Groupon finally set up shop in the metro area where I live. What happens, though, when you buy a voucher from Groupon or a similar site that you later regret, and you’d rather have the cash? What if you move away before doing all of the amazing things you’ve bought vouchers for? Well, there are sites that can help you take care of that.

Coupon Sherpa evaluated a variety of the specialized sites cropping up that let users post second-hand group-buying site vouchers. They vary in security, buying protocols, and what city they cover. The downside is that some sites only cover sales a few major metro areas…for now, at least. For the rest of us, there’s always Craigslist.

5 Ways to Resell Group Buying Vouchers [Coupon Sherpa]

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