Halloween Costumes You Can Throw Together At Thrift Stores

My favorite Halloween costume is Toilet Paper Mummy, which is probably the least expensive get-up you can cobble together outside the ghost-bed sheet motif. All you do is wrap yourself up in toilet paper and duct tape yourself together. The TP mummy is always good for laughs at parties, and the costume only gets better as the night goes on, making you look more and more authentic as the paper tatters and drags behind you.

Money Funk is also into finding cheap costume ideas, and offers up 10 ideas you can patch together with grungy rags you’ll find at a thrift store. Among the concepts: A Bride of Frankenstein, using a formal gown; a pirate with a striped shirt and cutoffs; and a zombie with tattered clothing and a bunch of makeup.

What’s your favorite go-to ghetto Halloween costume idea?

10 Thrift Store Halloween Costume Ideas [Money Funk]

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