Cablevision VP Blasts Fox Blackout As "Shameful"

Many people had predicted — or at least hoped — that the fee squabble that led to Fox’s Friday night decision to pull its local NYC and Philadelphia affiliates from Cablevision subscribers would have been sorted out in time for folks to enjoy Sunday afternoon football. Alas, that didn’t happen and hordes of Giants and Eagles fans were scrambling for antennas.

And the situation wasn’t resolved in time for last night’s NLCS Game 2 between my beloved Phillies and those other Giants from some city on the west coast.

Meanwhile, Cablevision’s Executive VP of Communications sent Consumerist the following statement, making it clear where the cable provider stands on this whole mess:

The longer this shameful News Corp. blackout of the NFL and Major League Baseball continues, the more obvious it becomes to everyone, including political leaders of both parties, that binding arbitration is the fastest and fairest way to return Fox programming to Cablevision customers.

Yankee fans have so far been spared the blackouts since the ALCS games are being broadcast on TBS. But if this Fox blackout — and the Yankees — continue on into the World Series, the public outcry to resolve the pissing match will grow significantly louder, since most of Cablevision’s customers are in the NYC metro area.

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