Pizza Place Employee Forces Customer To Undress, Beats With Pipe

A Dallas-area pizza parlor employee forced an elderly customer to undress and beat him with a pipe after he tried to pay for his $17.60 meal with someone else’s credit card. According to the police report, the worker did it because he was “sick and tired of this type of thing happening at his business.”

“He was hitting this old man repeatedly and basically he made him remove his clothes to where he was just completely naked,” a witness told the Dallas Morning News. “The guy grabbed his genitalia and curled up in a ball and he was moaning.” The employee then took him out back and start wailing on him with a pipe.

The customer was arrested for credit card abuse. Police didn’t arrest the employee because they said the abrasions and bruises didn’t warrant it, but they did refer the case to the Crimes Against Persons Division.

Fair Park-area restaurant employee makes theft suspect undress, beats him [Dallas Morning News] (Thanks to Brandon Savage!)

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