Should The Guy Always Pay On The First Date?

It’s nearly the weekend, which means at least some of you will be going out on dates, a handful of which will be first date. And in spite of all talk of gender equality, many people still think it’s the man’s job to foot the bill.

Over at, nearly 61% of their readers have said unequivocally that men should pay for the first date every time. Less than 27% said the bill should be split evenly while not even 5% of respondents said it’s okay to let him pay if they intend on “putting out,” language which we here at Consumerist most certainly don’t condone.

So, of course, we wanted to get a measure of how our readers feel about this age-old topic. And what better way to do that with poll? Vote away and sound off in the comments…

Poll: Should Men Pay For the First Date? []

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