DHL Doubles Estimated Charge On Shipment

Luke says DHL estimated his shipment would cost $54.51, but turned around and stuck him with a $114.39 credit card charge. DHL says the package he sent was 9 pounds rather than the 1 pound measurement Luke got while using the scale at the DHL facility.

He writes:

I was given a receipt with an estimate of $54.51. I then got an email from my bank saying that a pending transaction for $62.69 was placed on my card for DHL. I figured it was pretty close to the estimate.

On 10/8 I got an email alert saying that a charge of $114.39 was being charged to my card for DHL. Shocked I called immediately. They said that the weight of the package was really 9 lbs and that is why I was charged more. I told them there is no way it was more than 1 lb. I was told they would open a investigation and that I had to allow approx 10 business days for this to be resolved.

It has been way more then 10 business days and after talking with them again today they say there is nothing I can do but wait.

Shippers beware: DHL can change the weight after it accepts your package and take more money whenever they want.

Should I file a chargeback?

If a shipping company has ever charged you more than it said it would, how did you handle the problem?

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