Scott Rolls Out Tube-Free Toilet Paper To Reduce Waste

The toilet paper business is going down the drain — literally. Starting this week, Kimberly-Clark has begun selling Scott Naturals Tube-Free toilet paper that won’t have you throwing out or recycling anything when the roll is finished.

According to the company, even the last piece of toilet paper on each roll will be usable and won’t have glue on it.

For now, the product is only on sale at Walmart and Sam’s Club, but could expand to other stores is sales are good.

Kimberly-Clark is also considering using the tube-free design on its paper towel brands if the toilet paper test is positive.

From USA Today:

The 17 billion toilet paper tubes produced annually in the USA account for 160 million pounds of trash, according to Kimberly-Clark estimates, and could stretch more than a million miles placed end-to-end. That’s from here to the moon and back — twice. Most consumers toss, rather than recycle, used tubes, says Doug Daniels, brand manager at Kimberly-Clark. “We found a way to bring innovation to a category as mature as bath tissue,” he says.

Kimberly-Clark rolls out tube-free Scott toilet paper [USA Today]

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