Sony Sends Wrong Game Discs To Retailers, Asks To Get Them Back

Shaun White Skateboarding is coming out on Xbox 360 and Wii tomorrow, and was supposed to also hit the PS3 as well, but a last-minute snafu caused Sony to recall the discs.

Fist Full Of Potions obtained a memo last week from a “big named retailer” that said publisher Ubisoft noticed the wrong discs were sent out and told the retailers to return them.

Sony issued the following statement regarding the delay:

“There was a manufacturing issue with a misprinted disc at Sony Computer Entertainment America and the wrong version of the Shaun White Skateboarding PlayStation 3 game was shipped to retailers. We’re working with Ubisoft to correct the issue. New PS3 copies of the game will be shipped to North American retailers by Thursday, Oct. 28 and it will be available by that weekend.”

If you want the PS3 version of the game — those for the other systems aren’t affected — hold out until the end of the week to avoid the chance of purchasing a faulty copy that could potentially slip through the retail chain.

Shaun White Skateboarding PS3 Recall [Fist Full Of Potions via Kotaku]

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