Comcast Installs Cable By Draping It Across Yard

Reading this story, I imagine that on September 1st, the Comcast worker was standing there on the lawn, looking at the cable he had just installed for the two octogenarians. The cable went from the cable box to the house. It lay on the yard like a large, immobile black anaconda. He crossed his arms and said, “Yep, that looks about right,” and drove away to go eat a sandwich. The cable has now been lying out there for almost 2 months.

Yes, two octogenarians are fuming mad because Comcast decided to install their cable by laying it across their yard.

Nearly a dozen calls later, Comcast said they would bury it but never did. A supervisor said that the paperwork got lost in a bin.

After getting prodded by a local reporter, Comcast has now moved the cable behind the shed so it’s less likely to get tripped own. They say they’ll send someone out in a few days to stuff it in the ground. Just as long as no sandwiches get in the way.

Elderly couple in Providence Township wants Comcast to bury cable line [Lancaster Online] (Thanks to Sherri and Joel!)

Comcast Installs Cable In Your Gutter, Across Your Driveway

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