VIDEO: Inside The Boozy Future Of Starbucks

As we reported several months ago, Starbucks is attempting to reinvigorate its image with shops in Seattle that aren’t just aesthetically different than your average ‘Bucks, but which also dole out beer and wine. Now USA Today has ventured inside of one such Seattle shop to see the results.

Check out the video below to get a peek at what might be the future of Starbucks. In addition to serving booze, the experimental outlet is making an attempt to draw in the after-work crowd and get them to stay for longer than it takes to just wait for their mochachino.

“We’ve tried to create a variety of options that you find in more of restaurant at night, especially cheese and cured meats,” says a Starbucks exec. “More savory items that go along with that nighttime experience.”

Starbucks remakes its future with an eye on beer and wine [USA Today]

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