Overstock And Amazon Comically Overpackage Readers' Orders: Newegg, Not So Much

It’s time for another installment of the Adventures of the Stupid Shipping Gang! We’ve packaged three reader stories in one post to make sure they stay extra-secure. In this edition: Amazon overestimates the fragility of Pyrex, Newegg underestimates the fragility of computer parts, and Overstock sends someone an awful lot of crumpled-up paper.

Receiving this package from Overstock.com, Marci was moved to e-mail the company, writing in part:

In a time where consumers are trying to be conscientious about the earth, environment, economy (personal and global), I wanted to share with all of you a picture of my recent Overstock.com purchase.

I am very happy with the product itself (and the price paid) – however, I am very unhappy with the excessive packaging used to ship such a small product. Admittedly, I will definitely rethink any further purchases from Overstock until smaller shipment boxes are used. This is quite unfortunate, especially with the Holidays nearing.


While Marci’s package was in a comically large box, at least there was some padding to protect her purchase. Sam wasn’t so lucky with his Newegg purchase. He writes:

Recently I have noticed a huge problem with Newegg’s packing practices. The last few packages I have received have been poorly packaged, which I have let go, until this one, I cannot let this one go. In the attached photo notice the hard drive that is 100% unprotected and left to bounce around in shipping. Not to mention the DVD-RW Drive that does not even have any type of wrapping around it. This is exactly what I saw as I opened the box. I find this unacceptable. What do your readers think? Thanks!


If these were, say, sweaters, tossing them in a bag without protection wouldn’t be a bad idea, but that type of packaging doesn’t work for electronics.

Ed’s Pyrex measuring cup from Amazon, meanwhile, was very well protected. Amazon packed it, declared that box “ready to ship,” and then lovingly nestled the box among air cushions inside an even bigger box.




Pyrex measuring cups are a wonderful thing, it’s true, but don’t need that much protection.

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