Netflix Bringing Surround Sound To PS3 Users Starting Oct. 18

We’ve previously reported that PlayStation 3 users will soon no longer need a disc to stream Netflix movies through the device. Now comes news that there will be an added perk when the revamped Netflix streaming app debuts on Oct. 18 — Dolby surround sound.

The audio will be delivered via Dolby Digital Plus, providing users with an experience much closer to DVD-quality viewing than they had previously experienced. Additionally, some movies will be available in 1080p.

Says a Netflix exec:

Netflix is committed to delivering an unparalleled experience to its members who watch TV shows and movies streamed instantly over the Internet… Netflix required an audio solution that could efficiently deliver an outstanding surround sound experience for a wide range of consumer devices. Dolby Digital Plus proved to be the best solution to meet our needs and the needs of our device partners.

No date on when such features might become available for Xbox 360 users.

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