HER-NAN Saves Kingdom With Powers Of Castle VISAskull

VISA is blanketing Argentina with a new ad in which a shopper named Hernan is turned into “HER-NAN,” like HE-MAN, imbued with the powers of Castle Greyskull. You don’t need to know Spanish to experience the awesomeness, but we also have a translation.

Go forth, brave shopper, and save the kingdom from the tyranny of having to save up for what you buy.

Commenter bastion72 says the lyrics go:

Chorus: Hernan

The shopping center will be emptied.
Hernan will buy til the end.
He has a plasma[TV] and a mixer.
Hernan has powers.


He buys everything in the supermarket.
And pays it off in 3 monthly payments.
Without interest, Hernan.
He invites Malena to an exotic dinner.
How adventurous is Hernan.


(Thanks to Tony!)